Lodge 55
Chartered: March 2007

  • The requirements for membership in the At Large Lodge of Kansas are the same as any other FOP lodge. Any active full time sworn law enforcement officer regardless of rank is eligible to join the Fraternal Order of Police. In Kansas, this includes Deputy Sheriffs, or any other person that fits the definition of an active full time law enforcement officer.

  • The reason for creating the At Large Lodge is that in many areas of the state, law enforcement is extremely sparse. Several communities exist where there are less than 10 officers in the community and the county concerned.

  • While new lodges require at least ten (10) members, the At Large Lodge already has ten members so single members can be added.

  • In addition to the National and State lodges per capita taxes, the At Large Lodge requires that all members be enrolled in the FOP Legal Defense Plan. This plan provides legal service for acts arising out of your employment as a law enforcement officer.

  • Current National Lodge Percapita Is $12.00 Per Member, Per Year, State Per capita is $27.00 Per member per year, and the Legal Defense Plan is currently $282.00 per year per member.


Additional Legal Defense Plan Information

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