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Kansas State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police

Members of the Fraternal Order of Police are men and women who are sworn law enforcement officers from Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies throughout Kansas. There are over 3,100 FOP members in Kansas, which include police officers, deputies, troopers, and investigators of all ranks.

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At Large Lodge #55

Lodge #55 was formed to provide opportunities and benefits for law enforcement officers from areas not represented by an existing FOP lodge.

FOP Grand Lodge

The FOP Grand Lodge reports a membership of over 325,000 members in 2100 local chapters (lodges), organized into local lodges, state lodges, and the national Grand Lodge.

Legal Defense Plan

This program is designed specifically to cover the law enforcement exposures by paying legal defense costs on behalf of participating FOP Legal Defense Plan members

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Kansas State FOP Lodge
PO Box 3424
Kansas City, KS 66103
Voice Message or Fax: (816) 483-1512

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